Maintaining Hearts in Islam

Heart Disease In Islam
Heart disease in Islam has many types ranging from mild to severe and severe types of liver disease in Islam will make the offender can have a big sin to the sins that are not forgiven by Allah SWT. One example of liver disease according to Islam is shirk which belongs to a type of major liver disease because his sins will not be forgiven by Allah SWT.

Envy is a trait that does not like fortune or fortune as well as favors obtained by others so that makes someone do various ways to match it. Envy is permissible in Islam, which is jealousy for good deeds such as wanting to be smart in order to be able to share knowledge later in life or envy in using wealth for the right path.

Jealousy is an attitude that does not like if there is someone who gets happiness so that makes the perpetrators look for ways to eliminate the happiness experienced by someone. Envy is a dangerous trait and no one in the world likes someone with that spiteful attitude.

Incitement is a sifaft that always uses various methods to influence others to become angry with the aim of breaking the bond of brotherhood and eventually hostility and hatred between human beings.
Slander is an attitude which is said to be more cruel than a murder that is the act of vilifying, damaging, tarnishing, deceiving and also lying to someone to cause hostility which will later develop into a criminal act against others without being based on solid evidence.

Worse thinking
Being prejudiced is an attitude that is always suspicious and prejudiced towards others who always act badly without being based on clear or strong evidence.

Betrayal is an irresponsible attitude or is absent from the mandate or trust given to that person. Betrayal is generally carried out with lies and close sales promises which are at the same time characteristic of hypocrites. Someone who commits treason, will be hated by the surrounding community and likely will not be trusted again to carry out a responsibility in the future.

Maintaining Hearts in Islam

How to Maintaining Hearts in Islam

If the liver is not immediately removed properly, then the adverse effects will be produced on yourself and we will give the following tips for guarding the heart in the teachings of Islam

    Not too much talking
Talking too much will harden the heart so that it would be better to talk as needed and avoid also someone who is too talkative, bragging, lying, ghibah and so on. However, if the talk that is done is about goodness then it can be done like for example providing services, teaching or other positive activities.

    Take care of Lust and Emotion
Emotions will make a person uneasy so it must be avoided so as not to lead to sin and also some liver disease. Some types of lust that must be removed include the desire to realize dreams, lust for wealth, lust for sex, appetite for food, lust for anger and so on. One of the most appropriate ways to maintain lust and also emotions is by fasting both fasting sunnah or fasting obligatory Ramadan

    Remember Allah SWT
Always remember Allah Almighty can be done in several ways such as more diligent prayers such as the five-time prayer, midnight prayer, duha prayer, night prayer and also other prayers. In addition, multiply also dhikr and prayer, pay and read the Koran which can be very useful to always guard the heart. By always remembering Allah SWT, then automatically we will be more afraid of Allah SWT if we do wrong because of a liver disease or immoral acts.

    Befriend a Righteous Person
When socializing also needs to be done well, namely friends with pious people. If too many friends with people who do not guard the heart, it will only cause disease and further distance us from Allah SWT. Mistaken in association will also add to sin because immoral acts that have been done either intentionally or unintentionally.

Word of the Prophet About Keeping the Heart

Here are some words of the Prophet about how to maintain the right heart, including:

It would be better if before starting to blame others, we first look in the mirror and introspect on ourselves. By checking ourselves, we might be able to find out why someone behaves like that and maybe we have made mistakes on that person.

    Keep Yourself From Envy and Envy
Envy and jealousy also become a space for devils to enter the hearts of men. Too much weight will make someone

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